Team Sheeper Triathlon

Team Sheeper is for athletes interested in improving triathlon performance with a challenging and positive group training program.

Based in Menlo Park, California, the team provides a comprehensive weekly schedule of coached workouts and an annual plan that includes team-only fun events along with team participation in public events.

Who joins Team Sheeper?

All ages and skill levels. Our members bring a range of experiences and variety of ideas to the team that greatly enrich the experience.

We believe that community energy, lasting friendships, and peer support contribute to athletic success.  And, along with athletic performance, we're interested in a healthy multisport lifestyle which means balancing training and racing with living, family, and work. All of this, plus creative workouts and fun team events are Team Sheeper's hallmarks.


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What's Hot

  • See the profiles on our Triathletes of the Year Claire Mancini and Bob Carlin.
  • Order from the Jakroo store. The store opens on the 9th of each month, closing on the 7th of the following month. Delivery by the end of the closing month.
  • Please fill in the Team Races that you are planning to participate in.

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