The History of Team Sheeper

Team Sheeper got its start when Tim Sheeper realized that the most interesting thing about coaching triathletes was the group energy and sharing of collective experience. He saw that achievement was greatest when athletes were surrounded by like-minded individuals who fed off of each other's passion for the sport.

The other thing that Tim observed was that triathletes are generally fascinating people, achievers with lots going on in their lives. Some triathletes devote their lives to the sport and Tim enjoys coaching athletes with such admirable focus, but he found that he was most intrigued by the athletes who had other interests, families, and careers. He became an advocate for the multisport lifestyle and for the incorporation of training and racing into a lifetime of health.

So Tim founded Team Sheeper in the mid 1990s, both to provide athletes with the power of group dynamics and to be able to reach more people with the message about multisport lifestyle.

Team Sheeper has evolved over the years and has offered many types of programming, but basically has stuck to Tim's original mission. Team Sheeper is, as always, devoted to creating and building community around sport that's welcoming, positive, and supportive.

In addition to maintaining the team's basic tenets, Tim embraces change and new experiences. Every year the team seeks to push both the organization and every team member out of their comfort zone so that we all discover capabilities that we didn't know we had.

In recent years, the team has numbered over 100 members who do a lot more than triathlon. We have adventure racers, ultra-distance athletes, world-class swimmers, cyclists, runners, and life explorers who bring a richness to the team that's unparalleled. We also have athletes whose children are involved in our tri kids programs and we encourage families and partners to train and race together.

Today, we have broadened our outlook even further. Team Sheeper aims to channel our passion for athletic endeavors into benefits for the entire local and even the global community, sporting or not. We do this by supporting community-based charities and service organizations, and continually seek opportunities for our membership to spread the word about health and achievement.