Team Sheeper Goals for 2014: Overview

Every year, Team Sheeper sets annual team goals that include focus races, with internal training events and workouts designed to achieve these goals. Find details about external races on the 2014 Race Plan page. Find out more about our internal training events on the Team Events page.

2014 Team Races

Endurance Challenge (Internal Team Events)

  • January 5 - 26 - Run Endurance Challenge- 22/22/22

  • February 1 - 28 - Swim Endurance Challenge - 50k

  • March 1 - 31 - Bike Endurance Challenge (30k/60k) -  Everest Challenge (double)

Fearsome Foursome (Internal Team Events)

  • February 17 - Swim - Fearsome swim ( 10k )

  • February 23 - Run - Fearsome Ultimate Run ( 20 miles)

  • March 22 - Bike - Fearsome Epic

  • April 12 - Fearsome Tri

King Series (Internal Team Events)

  • TBD - Pool King

  • TBD - Donut King


Goals FAQ

Q: These goals sound intimidating. How do I fit in if everyone on the team is training for long distance races and I'm just trying a sprint for fun?

A: We have many members who are short-distance specialists, are new to the sport, or simply don't have time to train for long distance races. So you won't be alone if a long distance doesn't interest you. Our workouts will prepare you for sprint triathlons just as effectively. And if you're a beginner, join our Level 1 program to train for your first triathlon.

Q: I don't know what my plans are for the fall, can I join for just the first half of the year?

A: Our registrations aren't based on our goals, so there's no half-year option. You can sign up for quarterly or monthly payments, but these are automatic debits so you would need to cancel your membership to quit for the second half of the year.

Q: The goals seem fine, but what does this mean for weekly training?

A: Our training schedule is designed to benefit athletes will all sorts of goals, so you will find that early season base-building is followed by gradual introduction of speed work and racing prep. Week to week, the workouts will help you stay healthy while improving strength and endurance over the year. We incorporate strength training, flexibility and core work with ongoing technique and skills training.