How to Join Team Sheeper

How do I get started?

  1. Write to Mike Osmond, team manager, to get your questions answered. You can also arrange to meet him at a workout if you would like more guidance.
  2. Try our workouts for one week with this trial offer. Meet the coaches, athletes, and experience the unique workouts we provide to the team.

The Team Sheeper pricing structure and workout schedule are designed for flexibility. We are all busy, with full lives that can make fitting in training and racing a challenge. The team encourages balance and creating your best schedule for your own best results. This means that there are a lot of membership choices — you get to choose your membership level and the workouts you attend.


Included with membership

  • Workouts on the days and for the sports you choose
  • Team competitive events, fun activities, tours, camps, and social events. Note that some events have extra costs, such as for sag, lodging, and meals
  • Community email services that include daily notification of workout plans and periodic news updates
  • Community website services that include team roster, photos, event plans, a Google Group and more
  • An annual plan with team goals that include target events and build-up training events
  • At-cost pricing on purchase of team apparel
  • Discounts on merchandise and services from team sponsors


Membership levels overview

We offer one complete package for triathletes which includes all Team Sheeper workouts, Menlo Masters workouts, plus Boot Camp, Indoor Cycling, Lap and Open Swim, Aqua Fit, Water Polo, Bike Club and Tattersols Running Club. This All-Access Gold Membership for all levels is available in three formats, monthly, quarterly and annually.


Newcomer information

If you're new to Team Sheeper and don't know how to start, simply get in touch with Mike.  He can answer all your questions about how to choose the membership level that's right for you. He can tell you what to bring to workouts and how to get acquainted — anything you need to know.

You can also come observe a workout. No matter what your experience, you can find workouts and a schedule to fit your goals. Our team possesses a huge range of skills and we like training and racing together, no matter what our individual experience and fitness. So you will get to train with athletes who can teach you a thing or two, plus you'll have every opportunity to fill in gaps in your knowledge and add new skills to your repertoire.

See you out there!


Membership FAQ

Q: How do I pay?

A: You can choose an annual payment or automatic credit card payments either quarterly or monthly. If you're annual, then you need to renew each year. If you're quarterly or monthly, you'll be charged automatically until you cancel your membership. Find the details on the Membership Levels page.