About Level 1

Sheeper Level 1

The purpose of Level 1 is to help you master basic swim, bike, and run skills — and then help you put it all together to successfully complete a triathlon.


Who joins Level 1?

  • Are you curious about what it takes to do a triathlon?
  • Are you a swimmer or runner wishing to learn to bike so you can try a tri?
  • Are you a duathlete who’s not attempted a tri due to lack of swimming skill?
  • Do you have little time to train or are returning to tri with little fitness?
  • Have you tried a tri with little guidance and now want to learn do it right?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then Team Sheeper Level 1 is for you. Team Sheeper offers Level 1 for those completely new to sports and exercise. It’s also for those with a sports background but are new to swimming, cycling, or running. The only prerequisites are curiosity about triathlon and desire for a healthy, athletic lifestyle.


Coaching and Workouts

Hani Juha

Hani Juha

Our Level 1 coach is Hani Juha. Hani is interested in both the mental and physical aspects of endurance sports performance. He has experience working with all abilities and age levels and is passionate about helping people discover triathlon and learn to be healthy and balanced athletes. Find out more about Hani's background on the Coaches and Staff page.

Every Team Sheeper workout is designed for Level 1 athletes. Early in the training year, the workouts focus 60% on fitness and 40% on helping you learn and develop the bike, run, and swim skills you need to be safe and enjoy triathlon.   As the year progresses, the workout focus is more on developing endurance, but we still make sure that skills are a priority. 

Find out more about what to expect from workouts by emailing Hani Juha.


How do I get started?

  1. Email Hani Juha, our head coach and mentor. He can answer your specific questions about the program.
  2. Be our guest at one of  our Saturday bike and Sunday run workouts

  3. Experience all our workouts with our one week trial membership.
  4. Coach Hani will help you learn the basics of road cycling, coach you through 2-3 hour rides, and provide post-ride clinics to help make sure that you are progressing as a cyclist.
  5. After trying out a workout or two, email Hani Juha, and set up a 1-on-1 so that he can get to know you and determine how the team can best serve your needs.
  6. Visit the Join Now page and sign up!