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Hot Sheet
July 15, 2011
by Mike Osmond
In this edition:

Hawaii 70.3

Tim Sheeper 		4.31.50			 
Mimi Winsberg 5.09.17
Mike Henshaw 5.17.16
Cara Barr 5.35.54
Altay Sendil 5.43.18
Mike Osmond 5.48.56
Mary Anne Kurucz 5.51.51
Amy McGaughey
Chaz Pavlovic 6.31.19
Lindi Marco 6.31.50
Cindy Welton 6.50.38
Brad Grayson 7.05.33
Dave Mandalkern 7.32.37




Bob Carlin
Lindsay Hiken
Steve Marra
Frank Bisbiglia
Stephanie Bowman

Long Course

Tim Sheeper 3.42.08
Lennard Hachmann 3.59.42
Keith Terada 4.24.16
Jess Smith 4.31.01
Michael Ashman 4.34.53
Mirella Terada 4.37.55
Vaagn Toukharian 4.48.18
Steve Young 5.05.54
Doug Fujii 5.10.29
Emmit Hancock 5.13.59
David Posey 5.34.08
Mary Posey 5.37.16

Olympic Course

Tim Sheeper 2.02.33
Tina Lount-Pretre 2.35.13
Eric Filseth 2.41.15
Michele Santilhano 2.44.43
Michele Kastelein 2.45.01
Lindsay Hiken 2.49.13
Kari M cCallie 2.58.45
Cassandra Lopez 3.11.10
Dave Mandalkern 3.17.14


Challenge Roth

Tim Sheeper		9.39.16 
Lennard Hachmann 10.17.19
Steve LeSieur 11.28.52
Keith Terada 11.58.57
Mirella Terada 12.10.24
Michael Ashman 12.17.55
Michele Santilhano 12.26.34
Mary Anne Kurucz 12.29.57
Lyen Huang 12.40.26
Doug Fuji 12.52.18
Steve Young 14.43.32

Congratulations to all the athletes to have raced over the last few months. And there is still plenty of the season left.


Next Races

Next races coming up are Vineman 70.3, this weekend and California Triathlon, both Sprint and Olympic, on July 31. Registration website:  

Ask Mike for the Discount code. Don't forget to register as part of Team Sheeper. We are hoping for a good turnout to this race.

We have also made part of the Splash and Dash series a team event. This is the one at UVAS on Aug 21. There are a number of options for this race so plenty to choose from. Website:

Ask Mike for the Discount code.

Also on the team calendar is Lake Stevens 70.3 on Aug 14, in Washington A number of athletes have already committed to this race including Chris Balz, Dave Mandelkern, Kevin Burns, Cindy Welton and Tim. The swim in this race is actually marked underwater with a line that runs the whole course.


Fearsome Foursome

Fearsome Foursome is over for another year.  According to our records the list of athletes who completed the four events includes Lennard Hachmann, Martin Michael, Michele Santilhano, Vaagn Toukharian, and Lyen Huang.  

If we have forgotten someone please let me know.


Discount Codes

A few other races later in the year have given us discount codes. They are Big Kahuna (deadline for discount is June 30) and the Santa Cruz Triathlon.  

If athletes commit to sign up by August 15th, 2011, they will be entered into a raffle to win a free room at the Dream Inn for two nights during the race (September 23 - 25th). It's about an $800 value. If you have already registered, you will be eligible as well.

Ask Mike for the codes.



40-40-40 starts on Wed. Aug 3 and runs through to Sunday September 11, 2011. Ian Hersey has completed this as part of his training for Ironman Hawaii and promised to write us a small blog with a few tips about how to do this successfully.


Oak Knoll Elementary School 5k

One of our team mates, Katie Ferguson is organizing a 5K race on Aug 28 with funds supporting the Oak Knoll Elementary School in Menlo Park. Website is: 


Dusty and Crusty

We have decided to reduce the number of Dusty and Crusty events to 3, because of the number of other events going on in August. The first run will now be held on Sunday September 18 and will be in Huddart and Purrissima, The second will be on Oct 23 in Marin County and will follow the Double Dipsea course.


Santa Barbara Tour

The Santa Barbara Tour will be held on October 7-9.  Mimi Frey, our chef from the Wine Country Tour has been secured for this trip.  This ride will have the expectation that everyone can ride 100 miles for 3 days in a row.


Monterey Tour

There will also be a Monterey Tour on Sat Oct 1 and Sunday Oct 2.  Day 1- Ride to Santa Cruz.  Day 2- Ride to Lover’s Point-Pacific Grove/Monterey Area.  This is primarily designed for Level 1 riders to help them increase their strength and endurance on the bike, as well as have some fun.


Sugoi Order

The order from Sugoi has turned up and the clothing is in the store. If we are short or missing items that you need, drop me a line so I can keep it in mind for doing our next order.